Frequently Asked Questions

Is the holiday suitable for single people?
We welcome bookings from individuals, couples and groups

Do you take groups?
Groups from a wide range of organisations have joined us in the past and are very welcome

Must I bring my carer/can I bring my carer?
Support systems are provided by trained and experienced helpers so that carers do not have to accompany you but they are very welcome if they wish to join you

Are meals included?
Yes, the holidays are either full or half board

Is travel included?
No, the price does not include travel

Can you arrange transport?
No, we are not able to arrange transport but can advise of the nearest rail or coach station

Are there medical and nursing staff available?
Medical and nursing advice is available if required. We do not provide 24 hour nursing care but we can assist with your medication

Are the locations suitable for wheelchairs of all sizes?
We can accommodate the majority of wheelchairs but we will check all details with you prior to booking. You should advise us if your wheelchair has any special design features e.g. it cannot be folded

What happens if I book and then have to cancel through ill health?
Up to 2 weeks prior to the holiday, anyone unable to travel due to illness will have the costs refunded (minus the deposit) on receipt of a Doctor's certificate or letter. Anyone unable to travel less than 2 weeks prior to the holiday will not receive a refund. We therefore strongly advise that you purchase your own personal travel insurance.
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